Prepare Your Heater This Winter

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Cold weather is coming. Are You prepared? Now is the time to gear up for the winter time by making sure your heater is operating at peak performance. If you have old heating equipment or you think your current system may need repairs then taking step to tune up your heater will give you peace of mind and a heater that you can depend on when you need it most . Contact a local Service Today specialist for an on-site inspection of your heater. A professional will identify all issues related to your system and then give your heater the proper treatment that it needs.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

When you consider the cost of high energy bills and even more costly repairs, preventative maintenance is the smart choice for any home owner in New Jersey. Winters in the northeast are brutal and you need to know that your heater will keep your family warm when it counts. Preventative maintenance takes care of your system by giving you a point by point inspection and tune up of all each component of your heater. With ongoing maintenance you an keep small problems from turning into large problems and save yourself a major headache down the road.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner it’s important to know what goes into taking care of your equipment. Any professional heating & cooling contractor should be able to perform a thorough point by point inspection and maintenance of your entire furnace system in order to guarantee that is running at high levels. So what does full furnace care entail?

  • – Thermostat is calibrated.
  • – All moving parts are properly lubricated.
  • – Condensation drain is inspected to make sure that it’s draining.
  • – All controls are checked to make sure they are operating.
  • – Evaporator and condenser
  • – Filters are changed out. We make also make recommendations as to which type of filter is best for your furnace.
  • – All connections are checked and tightened.

Protect Your Home

Half the battle of keeping your furnace running in top condition is making sure that your home or office environment is conducive. At the top of the checklist should be adequate insulation. If you haven’t had your property inspected in a while then it’s a good idea to do a full assessment of your wall, attic, and other key areas where insulation is installed. Windows is another key element. Quality windows should provide a tight seal around the window frame without allowing any draft in or out of the building. Something else you may need to do is train everyone inside your house or office to keep the windows and doors closed and to properly manage the thermostat.

If you are looking for a professional heating contractor in Central New Jersey, please call Service Today at (800) 996-3091 or complete our online request form.

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