How to Make Your Princeton Heating System More Efficient

Heating System

Having the best heating system starts with quality materials installed by superior service experts. However, what many people fail to realize, is that they play a role in the ongoing performance of their heater. Learn how to make the heating system in your Princeton home more efficient and you can expect optimal performance and maximum longevity.

Not to mention, making your system more efficient will help to keep your energy bills lower each month. The bottom line is that it’s a win-win for homeowners who take the time to learn more about how to help their heating system function better. Here are a few tips from our Princeton Heating Contractors to help get you in the know, and prepare you to help get your system to run better.

Smart Ways to Conserve Energy

One of the increasingly important reasons for better efficiency is also to make your home more environmentally responsible. Whatever the reason behind your concern for better efficiency, here are some ways to make it happen:

Zoning is a great way to make better use of your home heating system. Standard heating systems use one thermostat and your HVAC has to try to maintain that heat for every room. Zoning breaks down the home into smaller areas linked to their own thermostat. This way, you can make adjustments for rooms you may not need at the same temperature, such as the basement or a bedroom you don’t currently use.

If you do not yet want to make the transition to a zoned system, you can still have some control over various rooms or keeping the temperature minimally set. Turn down the heat at night, when you will be in warm night clothes and under warm blankets. Also, close off registers in rooms you do not use so your system doesn’t try to keep them heated.

Learn to use your ceiling fans to your advantage. You know how to use them in the summer for keeping cool. However, are you reversing the rotation direction in the winter in order to get better heat circulation? When the blades spin in a clockwise direction, this retains the heat in the room helping to keep it warmer.

Ask for Expert Advice

At Service Today, we are about much more than just executing the task at hand. We also want to be your go-to crew for advice like this.
True industry experts want to help their customers learn how to make the best use of their own system. So give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for you.

If you are looking for a more efficient heating system in Princeton, NJ, please call Service Today at (800) 996-3091 or complete our online request form.

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